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About artificial character and their purposes
God 21.07.09 16:47

So, there going to be artificial character's. They will do a job, which does not own any real person. They will live in any of nations, they will have their adventages and weakness. If you will choose a good artifical minister to your nation, it can devolop a good situation in future.

Name: Official name
Full name: Name with all additional parts

Political orientation: Authoritarian, Republican, Democratical, Monarchical or Dictatorial is in options. It give you main idea of what this character will do and in what tendency.
Allegiance: Number between 1 and 100
Power: Number between 1 and 100
Knowledges: Number between 1 and 100
Experience: Number between 1 and 100

Wealth: Poor, Solid, Normal, Rich, Fertile is in options. This indicates character desire after nations budget money or loyalty to work. If higher, than character is more loyal to work.
Religiosity: Low, Normal, High is in options. This show how much character will listen in what church says. It means if religiosity is high than character will listen in church opinion, rather in governement.

Nationality: Which is mother nation. Where character were born.
Home nation: In which nation he lives now.
Status: Unemployed or any other nation minister, president is in option.
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